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The Benefits of Using a Wetsuit When Diving in Australia.

Diving in Australia often involves acclimatising to cold water temperatures. It’s hard to imagine what diving in Australia would be like without a wetsuit. A Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuit can save you from some serious health issues when swimming in cold water or help provide more support when swimming in open water, but there are other benefits as well.

The three main benefits of using a wetsuit when diving in Australia are:

1. Buoyancy

The buoyancy of the suit allows the diver to swim faster when compared to not wearing a suit. The better the swimmer the less effects the wetsuit may have. A diver can expect to save anywhere from a few seconds to tens of seconds per 100 metres. Generally speaking, the longer the distance the more the savings are noticeable. With less exertion in the water, the diver will experience less of an energy drain. Hence, it’s a good idea to experience the quality of Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuits. Buoyancy can also come in handy for any open water swim dangers as the wetsuit will give you an added lift and make it easier to stay afloat while the diver brings their heart rate down and their focus back on the dive.

2. Safety

Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuits provide protection against the elements and other potentially dangerous aspects in the ocean when diving in Australia. Diver’s may complete a dive in an area close to sharp rock formations or around stinging animals, both of which the effects a greatly limited when diving in a wetsuit. These dangers can be limited even further by wearing Diving Gloves and Diving Socks as well as the diving wetsuit. In Australia, the sun is particularly harsh and can cause burns when swimming on the top of the water. Diving in a wetsuit can protect the skin from getting burnt and allow the dive to be a much safer experience.

3. Warmth

A Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuit can also provide warmth to the diver in the cold water. If the diver is sensitive to the cold this can be a great way to make the diver more comfortable in the water. Maintaining a comfortable temperature whilst diving makes the experience much more enjoyable.


Wetsuits have been used for a long period of time by free divers in Australia, but over time they have found the numerous benefits of using a wetsuit when diving in cold water.

Diving wetsuits are designed to insulate, comfort and protect you. The insulation aspect means that your core temperature is kept warm and you won’t get as cold. The protection aspect means that your skin will avoid getting cut or irritated by any sharp objects like shells or rocks. Finally the comfort aspects enable you to keep swimming for longer without feeling uncomfortable.

A Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuit for diving in Australia is used to protect the diver against the cold. When diving, being cold is not only uncomfortable but it is also a danger for the diver. In the water, cooling is faster than in the air. Water has a greater heat transfer coefficient than air. The colder the water, the faster the heat loss for the diver.

The role of wetsuits is therefore shared across different features. It will trap the water which will warm up on contact with the diver’s skin, and the suit combined with the thin amount of water will form a protective layer. There are three types of diving suits: wetsuits, semi-dry suits and dry suits. In the case of wetsuits, water enters and circulates. In a semi-dry suit, water enters slightly and is renewed a little, and finally in the case of a dry suit, water does not enter at all.

Neoprene sleeves, which can be placed at the ankles, wrists and on the neck or face, increase thermal comfort by reducing water circulation. Reinforcements on the elbows and knees reduce the chance of injury for the diver. Another role of wetsuits is to protect the diver against possible burns, frictions and cuts from dangers such as rocks, stinging animals and sand. The protection that Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuits provide is essential, especially in certain dangerous diving areas in Australia.

A snug fitted suit will more effectively trap and hold water against a diver’s skin than a loose suit. A wetsuit that does not fit snugly will allow cold water to circulate into the suit, which will cause the diver to become chilled more quickly. Tighter is better to a certain degree. A suit that is too tight across the chest will restrict a diver’s breathing, which can be uncomfortable and highly dangerous when diving in Australia. A suit that is too tight on the neck may restrict blood flow to a diver’s head, which can be dangerous both underwater and on the surface. A suit that is so tight that the neoprene is stretched thin will not be effective and will not provide the intended benefits.

The Japanese Yamamoto 39 neoprene in Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuits is lightweight and flexible because it is manufactured with millions of tiny air bubbles sealed inside the rubber material. Because these air bubbles are completely sealed, the air inside them will expand and compress. The deeper a diver descends, the more the air bubbles compress and the thinner the wetsuit becomes. Because a thinner wetsuit is less insulating, the deeper a diver goes, the colder they can expect to be. Because of this, divers that are planning to conduct deeper dives are recommended to choose a thicker suit when preparing for their diving experience.

Blacklip Performance Diving has wetsuits for all divers, from free divers to scuba divers through to commercial divers, along with a range of other neoprene products. Get yourself into a Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuit and experience the quality for yourself, we assure you that you will be amazed. All Blacklip products come with a 1 year warranty on faulty seam stitching.

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