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Prepare For Winter

It’s time to upgrade your commercial diving gear for the Australian winter months ahead. 

As winter approaches in Australia, it’s time to upgrade your diving gear. Blacklip Performance Diving has wetsuits specifically designed for commercial diving, ensuring you and your team are provided with the best chance to dive in ultimate comfort to achieve optimal performance. 

Made from Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, our wetsuits are high compression resistant, soft, durable and stretchy. All seams are double glued and blind stitched with all stitching sealed and covered with latex for abrasion resistance – allowing your team to perform their best this winter. 

Get your team into a Blacklip Performance Diving wetsuit and experience the quality.


The Importance of having the best Commercial Diving Gear for Winter

Knights have their armour, and divers have their neoprene—a Blacklip Performance Diving wetsuit keeps you warm and protected underwater during your winer diving. Wetsuits come in varying thicknesses, trapping a layer of water between the suit and your skin. Your natural body heat warms this water up, allowing you to stay warm underwater despite the fact that your body rapidly loses heat at depth.

Comfort, warmth, fit and range of motion are key factors that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about new wetsuits for winter. Blacklip Performance Diving have a wide range of wetsuits that are sure to fit your specific needs and requirements. But there’s no shame in placing an importance on style, too. Some divers prefer a simple, no-frills look, while others want a more eccentric to make themselves more visible to their team or simply make a fashion statement.


What are Blacklip Performance Diving wetsuits made of?

Wetsuits are made from Yamamoto Neoprene. Yamamoto neoprene is superior and unique in that the neoprene is made from limestone mined in Japan. Yamamoto has very high compression resistant properties and is superior to all other neoprene products, it is extremely stretchy, soft and durable. All seams are double glued and blind stitched and all stitching sealed and covered with latex for abrasion resistance.

Yamamoto Neoprene

In a series of violent tectonic activity that took place approximately 80 million years ago, a rock (situated in the present-day Hawaiian island chain) traveled a very long way north-west to Mt. Kurohime in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

It was, Yamamoto, who first discovered this unique rock, charmed by its properties, Yamamoto has formed an innovative business enterprise. This incredible rock, composed of 99.7% calcium carbonate, is miraculously free from almost all impurities. Using this limestone rock as a base material, Yamamoto has developed a range of high quality materials that have found applications in various fields such as; water sports gear, medicinal industries and fashion. With a supply of at least 3000 years of this fantastic raw material, that is where Blacklip Performance Diving comes in with our range of top-quality wetsuits and diving gear.

Better wetsuits start with better materials. Yamamoto neoprene is widely regarded as the lightest, thinnest, warmest neoprene available in the global market. Yamamoto’s exceptional performance characteristics, combined with its superior durability, is creating shock waves for traditional neoprene manufacturers who are figuring out how to compete. As a result, this is spawning a host of imitators producing inferior closed cell imitators. The hydrophobic materials in Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuits have excellent values of recovery and elongation. This means it acts and fits like a second skin for divers, providing you with unrestricted range of motion you have not experienced before.