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Importance of Wetsuits When Spearfishing

The Importance of Wearing a Wetsuit When Spearfishing

At Blacklip Performance Diving, we understand the importance of quality wetsuits. This is why we provide Australian owned wetsuits designed by professional divers, ensuring you get the highest quality product to enable your full performance while submerged.

Spearfishing can be an exhilarating and awesome experience as you swim under the waves with the whole ocean at your mercy. You may not need a wetsuit for spearfishing in some circumstances. However, it is important to take as many safety precautions as possible to avoid the countless dangers you could face.

Depending on the location in which you are spearfishing and the time of day, the water temperature can cause severe problems like hypothermia. Fortunately, you can solve almost all of the problems you might encounter with sufficient planning ahead of time and by having the right equipment with you such as quality Blacklip Performance diving wetsuits made by professional divers.

Benefits of Wetsuits

Wetsuits come in many different shapes and sizes. You can keep your core warm while maintaining mobility. You may also want to browse boots and gloves to keep your feet and hands safe from any dangers underwater. If walking into and out of the ocean before or following your dive, you may have to cross rocks or coral. Blacklip’s Performance Diving socks and gloves are incredibly durable ideal for cool water climates.

Another benefit of wetsuits is they allow you to stay afloat much easier as they provide added buoyancy. This may require you to bring a weight vest, but will also allow you to stay out longer and venture further whilst preserving energy. Having the ability to float on the surface with a snorkel and goggles will also give you a much better opportunity to spot your next target without spooking the fish as much. In an emergency situation, a wetsuit can save your life in multiple ways.

Consider using a wetsuit when spearfishing to enjoy a more comfortable and safe experience. A wetsuit traps a layer of water against your skin that your body warms. The lower you dive and the deeper the water is, the less the water temperature becomes. Wetsuits also provide UV protection from the sun if your back is revealed at the top of the water for long periods of time. The Australian sun can be incredibly harsh, so it is best to take the adequate safety precautions before taking part in your dive to be protected from ultraviolet rays. 

Underwater Hazards

An issue that Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuits assist with is encounters with jagged rocks, fish with razor sharp fins, barnacles, and even poisonous underwater threats like sea snakes or lionfish. Diving down and surfacing could accidentally bring a spear fisherman face to face with deadly stinging jellyfish, floating debris, and even boat engines and propellers! A Blacklip Wetsuit can help to keep your body protected from some of these dangers, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Yamamoto Neoprene

Most of the worlds polychloroprene are made from petroleum products. Yamamoto neoprene is unique and superior in that the neoprene is made from limestone mined in Japan.

Yamamoto has very high compression resistant properties and is superior to all other neoprene products, it is extremely soft, stretchy and durable. All seams are double glued and blind stitched and all stitching sealed and covered with latex for abrasion resistance. This material used in Blacklip Wetsuits ensures comfort and durability when out exploring the oceans. It promotes safety whilst providing the diver with a non-restrictive experience when moving around in the water looking for that perfect fish.

Blacklip Performance Diving has wetsuits for all divers, from free divers to scuba divers through to commercial divers, along with a range of other neoprene products. Get yourself into a Blacklip Performance Diving Wetsuit and experience the quality for yourself, we assure you that you will be amazed. All Blacklip products come with a 1 year warranty on faulty seam stitching.

We here at Blacklip Performance Diving have designed wetsuits that are more like a second skin than a wetsuit. Many Abalone divers along with free divers, while using the suits, claim that these are the best wetsuits they have ever used. If you have any questions or enquiries about Blacklip Performance Diving Australia products email us via our contact form >